How To Assemble Your Sing Core Furniture!
Three Drawer Assembly Video!
Peter Sing started Sing Core Furniture with only a few things in mind. Build it better, affordable, make it last and conserve energy. Using our patented technology Sing Core Furniture is lightweight, strong and Eco Friendly! It takes less energy to create our furniture, this keeps our carbon footprint down and with a lifetime structural guarantee ensures that you won’t need to replace your Sing Core Furniture. How is it “ECO friendly” you ask? Well… We can take a solid piece of wood with our technology and get ten times the yield out of it. This means less trees are needed to create our furniture. Also the process we use takes very little energy so our carbon footprint remains small. Click Here for Flat Pack Furniture We use local species of wood and local labor. This helps us, Americans keep jobs in the USA. “Sing Core is a way of the future. We have to start thinking about how to conserve energy and create a product that is made to last through the ages. The times of disposable products needs to be behind us if we are gong to conserve the beauty of our planet!” Peter Sing
The Bedroom | The Kitchen | The Garage | The Closet | Sing Tiny House | Sing Honeycomb

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