Sing Trade Show Display Furniture is durable, lightweight and beautiful. A torsion box honeycomb core strengthens and reduces the weight of Sing display furniture. Because they weigh 70% less than solid wood, our display furniture requires less energy to assemble and arrange.

We provide cut to size panels for museum display pedestals, tables, benches, and cabinets. Sing display furniture has a 10 year warranty.

How to Assemble Sing Display Furniture


1.) First we start out with four different sing panels.

One left side vertical panel, one right side vertical panel, one horizontal top panel and one horizontal inside panel.

These panels are going to create the box that holds everything together. This box is superstrong and at the same time very lightweight.

You can design all different kinds furniture using the different panels sizes that we have available. To see the different sizes and types of panels below is a list of the panels and models numbers.

We guarantee our panels are straight, light, strong and Eco friendly. Second to none!

2.) After putting the panels together this is what you get.

The panels are screwed together with pocket holes that line up so it’s easy to put together and easy to take apart.

Once the box is together, there are only a few more steps and then its ready for drawers.

Sing panels are 1 1/2″ thick. The reason we made them so, is even though they are double the thickness of normal furniture materials they are four times as strong and weigh less that standard materials. Our core is 90% air which is environmental friendly and also keeps the panels flat and true for a lifetime. The way that our panels are built reduces their reaction to temperature and humidity.

3.) Next you attach the drawer rails and the back.

Line up the drawer rails with the pre drilled holes and attach them with the screws provided.

Attach the back with nails and a hammer.


If assembled correctly our drawers will slide beautifully in and out and are easy to take in and out.


How to Order

To order Sing Display Furniture, submit an order form either by email or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day.

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