Introducing the newest innovation to come top contemporary furniture, that is convertible from one piece of furniture to another in minutes. This new generation of modular and reconfigurable portable furniture, does not require separate storage area when not in use, because when not being utilized in one form, it can easily convert to another.

Times Are Changing

The nature and scope of America is changing. It wasn’t that long ago that a family was somewhat self-supported and would have a tendency to stay in one geographical area for very long periods of time. In this type of social model, families would invest in high quality furniture (that could be very heavy) because they know there would be a chance that the furniture would remain with the original owner, and possibly be hand down for generations.

Of course, that was a good idea if many generations were going to live in the same house and share the same furniture, not so good if you’re the furniture company. Some furniture companies decided to go into a different direction, like making furniture less inexpensively so that they could lower the price to the consumer, knowing that after time, the furniture would break down and need to be replaced sooner than the high end furniture.

That was then, this is now. In our modern day and age, it is rare for anyone to stay in one place any more, as our society becomes more mobile, and family connections can be maintained over long distance due to cell phones, WiFi and Internet connections via social media and more.

Sing Modular Furniture

This is why the invention of Sing Modular furniture is some timely. For the people who are constantly on the move, it is nearly impossible to take your furnishings with you, but with Sing collapsible furniture, you can easily flat pack a whole apartment or home full of furniture into the back seat of your Toyota (or any other small, mid-size car).

The ease of assembling, disassembling, reconfiguration and flat-packing of lightweight Sing modular furniture has made it a hit among college students as it is appearing more and more as a standard feature in college dorm rooms across the nation, as the most versatile dorm furniture. A desk during the day converts to a captain’s bed in the evening, along with a host of other possibilities. Then flat pack all the furniture and throw it in your back seat, or send it inexpensively back home via UPS, because our flat pack furniture so small and lightweight; can even turn into office furniture, and a cubicle work space in your office.

Flat Pack Convenience

The convenience of flat pack is not just for people on the go. For instance in the Seattle Center for Architecture and Design, the architects in charge of the project envisioned using lightweight flat pack panels to build all their interior furnishings with, to increase speed of installation with fewer risks of injury, while having the highest precision along with the ability to accommodate long spans for work surfaces with little or no support to complete the look as well as the function of their high tech concept.

Example photos (click on thumbnail to enlarge) above depict the architectural visions brought to life by Sing Core. This is a perfect match of Pacific Northwest modern architecture and Sing technology which is high precision, lightweight, high strength and can accommodate long spans without compromise.

Lasts Forever

Unlike flimsy disposable furniture, like the kind you might be able to get at big box stores, or Ikea, Sing lightweight modular furniture components are made to withstand repeated knock down, storage and rebuilding time after time again, without compromising the life of your furniture. While Ikea furniture might be able to withstand disassembling once (maybe twice) and you’re left with trying to figure out how to dispose of it, and forced to go out and buy a new one. That might be okay, if you’re only moving once every five years, but If you’re moving often, you don’t have to worry about it lasting with integrity and longevity.

How long, will Sing Core modular components last after repeated use, you might ask? Check out these Modular Trade Show System panels which are guaranteed not to fail for 10 full years of repeated and brutal transfer and reuse at multiple tradeshows per year.

But you won’t find this new breed of collapsible furniture designed to last forever in any furniture stores. This lightweight furniture designed as the ultimate space saving furniture may already be in storage at your local short term apartments, as apartment rental agencies and managers are offering Sing collapsible furniture as options in their short term apartment rentals.

Visit Us in Seattle

Whether you’re looking for living room furniture, no matter what furniture design you have in mind, this unique furniture can be yours for very little investment if you are able to take advantage of rent to own furniture. Again, while not readily available in standard furniture shops, you could view our lightweight apartment furniture showroom at any of our apartment rental furniture locations, in Seattle, Washington.

Our showcase locations feature art, inventions and work by local craftsmen on display in the gallery in Seattle. See you there, and invite your artist friends to contact us to feature their artwork and wares in our gallery.

Rent Convertible Furniture

Where you can not only see this incredible innovation in studio apartment furniture and folding furniture for small spaces on display, you can actually work with and see how many different types of furniture you can make using the same convertible furniture with connects easily, like lego for adults. Now, you can have space saving beds that double as convertible rental furniture which makes this unusual furniture the most versatile modular apartment furniture ever conceived.

Apartment Rental Transformer Furniture

Swing by and rent a bed at our Chinatown site, or ask your apartment manager for the latest in modular furniture design, featuring the only lightweight furniture that can be convertible in so many different ways for the best of folding furniture for small spaces. Rent to own all the living room furniture or convertible interlocking furniture components you could possibly want. If you move, take it all with you, and never worry about having to pay for furniture again.

Almost every day we receive people thanking us for providing solutions to impossible problems and apartment managers are now chiming in to thank us for a new revenue stream which allows one staff member to be able to deliver a whole apartment full of furniture, flat packed on a piano dolly, and assembled in minutes. It takes up very little storage space and is so flexible, adjustable and reconfigurable whenever you’re ready for a change.

The entire system is created with patented lightweight, high strength building material which allows the component to remain lightweight (a fraction of other solid materials) yet remains very strong over time. In fact, this material is so unique, you don’t even have to use mails or screws to assemble it.

Easily convert your sectional sofas into a table, dressers, or entertainment center when not in use as a convertible living room sofa, as all the modular components are inter lockable and changeable, alterable in many ways.

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