Edmund was earning extra money taking care of some tasks for Bob when a furniture delivery truck rolled up the street and came to rest in front of the early twentieth century bungalow destined for the delivery. Edmund called out,

“Bob, you’ve got a furniture delivery”

When Bob didn’t come out Edmund went to look and found Bob in the kitchen with a grave look on his face. He asked,

“Must be exciting to get some new furnishings Mr. Dobalina.”

“I am, but for the wrong reasons. I cannot afford these furnishings on my fixed income and I don’t know what to tell the delivery person.”

Edmund had a solution

“I just started building custom furniture with Singcore technology inside as a side job to help me save for graduate school. I cleaned your garage and it’s the perfect workshop for you to do just that. If we bundle our material orders together, we’ll even get a price break on the kits!”

“I’ve had a little too much time on my hands since I retired. That would be a great way to apply myself. What can I do about the delivery outside?”

“Don’t worry Mr. Dobalina. I’ll lock the front and we can head out the back to grab a Frankfurter and discuss our new business venture. Consider it our first meeting.”

That was an offer Bob couldn’t refuse and their business was born.

DIY with Singcore Inside.

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