Sing Core started the flat pack home revolution where entire homes were built of flat pack Sing Core products, including the foundation, floors, walls, doors, ceilings, roofs and all the interior furnishings. It’s no surprise that Sing Core would be the revolutionary patented building material to redefine the flat pack collapsible furniture industry.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Why? It’s all about the characteristics intrinsic in the nature of Eco-friendly Sing Core, attributes like:

Lightweight ~ High strength ~ Insulated ~ Reuseable

What’s the problem?

While Ikea first introduced their idea of collapsible and flat packed furniture in the 1950s, Ikea has certainly created a market that they alone dominated. Only thing is, what do you think the biggest complaint is about Ikea’s collapsible furniture? You know it’s that it does not last. And what should you expect? They keep the prices so low, that you can’t possibly think of Ikea furniture as being anything but disposable (10% of all dollars spent on furniture ends up in Ikea pockets).

When Ikea furniture breaks down no one complains, they just send the pieces off to the landfill, while they spend a few dollars to replace the broken down garbage, and no one bats an eye, except for the socially conscious individual who sees there is no sense of sustainability, when disposable Ikea furniture is posing almost as much negative eco energy as the plastic water bottle. Where is the social responsibility?

What’s the answer?

Sing Core proposes creating the same type of collapsible furniture with modular components that can be redesigned and repurposed on the fly, where all parts are interchangeable and may interconnect and the pieces are nearly indestructible, designed to last forever.

That’s a tall order… but is it possible?

The lightweight and stronger-than-steel characteristics of patented Sing Core make it to perfect material to build modular, collapsible furniture, which can be flat packed for transport or storage, using far less energy to create, ship, assemble, disassemble and maintain with unparalleled longevity. In fact, professional Sing Core is designed to last virtually forever and comes backed with an unprecedented 50 year warp-free, fail-free guarantee.

Even though it is a more expensive hand-made process that is the basis of Sing Core’s reinforced insulated torsion box composite material, the result is far superior to any known lightweight building material.

Nothing Compares

No lightweight building material available (even aerospace core materials) is stronger and impact resistant for improved longevity. If a Sing Core furniture component is damaged, it does not need to be replaced; it can be repaired and may not even need to be disassembled to be repaired.

Open the Door to Flat Pack

This is how Sing Core dominated the large door industry. Large doors could now be made lightweight, super strong and able to last for years, without warping or failing structurally. This was unheard of in the large door business, as all door manufacturers know, “All large door will warp and fail.” So, they are not covered by any warranty, this is, unless they have, “Sing Core inside,” enabling them to be fully guaranteed for 50 years.

Collapsible, flat pack Sing furniture is the socially and ecologically sensible and sustainable answer to the disposable furniture purveyors burying our cities in waste.

The Sing modular furniture components are interchangeable and reusable. In fact, there are negotiations going on with the inventor proposing free standing big box stores warehousing the various components. In this scenario, the customer comes into the store, identifies an assembled piece of furniture, the store associate goes to the warehouse, pulls the components from a parts-list and packages them into a flat pack for the customer.


No modular furniture design is so simple and convenient with long lasting results of sustainability and functionality. Is your family expanding, no problem, you can buy the components to expand your double-bed into a king sized bed, your crib into a twin-size bed, your coffee table into a dining room table, your end tables into a sofa, your end tables into a kitchen island, the possibilities are endless.

To be able to go to the Sing Big Box Store and go home with an entire bedroom set in the back seat of your car is a dream come true, and you can’t believe the number of college students already beginning to line up for the single-purchase dorm furniture that will knock down and follow them home, into their offices or dens as they launch their careers. It’s all happening.

Having a wedding or event in your back yard? No problem, you have all the folding table and chairs you could possibly need flat packed and stored in the back of your closet or wardrobe. Any of these components can be easily assembled without expensive tools or carpentry skills, and quickly disassembled in as little time, and flat packed again for easy storage.

How did all this easy to assemble, knock down, transport and store technology come about?

Not long ago, the trade show industry took a great interest in the Sing Core building material. Trade shows are inherently wasteful, in that trade show displays and booths are constructed, demolished and disposed of, wasting millions of dollars at each show. Due to the long life and structural integrity of the patented Sign Core material, trade show vendors were now able to use and reuse the individual modular trade show display components over and over again.

What’s more, is that due to the modular nature of the design elements of the individual trade show components, if your business expanded your trade show system could now expand with you. Before Sing Core, if your business grew from a 10 x 20 trade show booth to a 10 x 70 trade show display, it meant getting a whole new outfit, when with Sing Core trade show components, all you need to do is add the components necessary to accommodate your new design (and be able to assemble it in minutes).

You can see how this translates well to the modular collapsible flat pack furniture division of Sing Core.

Lease or Rent to Own

Apartment managers are thrilled of the idea of storing the furnishings for a hundred units in one storage room, then assembling what they need on-the-fly, making the option of providing a fully furnished apartment, instead of an unfurnished apartment a snap, adding the furnishings to the monthly revenue stream.

Simplified Design for High Speed Assembly

Putting together modular Sing Furniture is as easy as connecting Legos. Unlike other flat pack systems that come with a variety of parts and connectors, modular Sing furniture components are designed to lock in and easily assemble, not unlike the trade show system Sing Core is so renowned for.

Instead of an average 2-hour assembly time, your Sing modular components can be connected in minutes, without special tools or equipment, like this collapsible dresser.

High End Flat Pack Furniture

Stop thinking that collapsible flat pack furniture means disposable. You can have all the advantages and chic elegance that comes from having a high quality piece of furniture that can easily be disassembled and/or repurposed, stored and/or transported.

This is not disposable furniture, as you may have thought of before; this new evolution of collapsible flat pack furniture is spearheading a revolutionary concept in sustainable modular furniture for generations to come. In fact, you will find Sing Core in some of the most high end, multi-million-dollar homes (like this 48 million dollar home) and mansions. If it’s good enough for the elite, you will be proud to have this very same material in your own abode.

This new concept of simple, yet elegant, highly functional, expandable and adaptable new line of modular furniture is redefining the flat pack definition.

Whether you’re a high functioning apartment dweller, a space conscious home owner or a college student on-the-run, Sing modular collapsible flat pack furniture is empowering you to propel your space conscious sustainable future.

Superior Flat Pack Strength

No to be confused with flimsy flat pack furniture of yesteryear, this new material is extremely strong in comparison. For instance an Ikea component may have compression strength of 10 PSI, whereas Sing Core clocks in at an impressive 660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound.

Now you can have all the convenience of knock down component furniture without the risk of being disposable or failing over time. It won’t matter whether your packing up your folding table, folding chairs, flat pack furniture, space saving beds or any other space saving furniture, Sing Core has you covered.

You Can Have It All in One Flat Pack

Whether it’s your home, or any or all of its furnishings, you can have it all flat packed thanks to Sing Core.

How to build furniture with Sing Panels

1.) First we start out with four different sing panels. One left side vertical panel, one right side vertical panel, one horizontal top panel and one horizontal inside panel. These panels are going to create the box that holds everything together. This box is superstrong and at the same time very lightweight. You can design all different kinds furniture using the different panels sizes that we have available. To see the different sizes and types of panels below is a list of the panels and models numbers. We guarantee our panels are straight, light, strong and Eco friendly. Second to none!
2.) After putting the panels together this is what you get. The panels are screwed together with pocket holes that line up so it’s easy to put together and easy to take apart. Once the box is together, there are only a few more steps and then its ready for drawers. Sing panels are 1 1/2″ thick. The reason we made them so, is even though they are double the thickness of normal furniture materials they are four times as strong and weigh less that standard materials. Our core is 90% air which is environmental friendly and also keeps the panels flat and true for a lifetime. The way that our panels are built reduces their reaction to temperature and humidity.
3.) Next you attach the drawer rails and the back. Line up the drawer rails with the pre drilled holes and attach them with the screws provided. Attach the back with nails and a hammer. If assembled correctly our drawers will slide beautifully in and out and are easy to take in and out.
4.) Now Its time to put the drawers in and start enjoying your Dresser.
Sing Horizontal Top Panels These panels are used for the top surface of the furniture. There are 3 different top panels that we offer. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. HT-47-20-3S 3 Drawer Dresser 5 Drawer Dresser Armoire Kitchen Cart C HT-31-20-3S Kitchen Cart B HT-23-20-3S Night stand Tall End Table Kitchen Cart A
Sing Horizontal Inside Panels The horizontal inside panel is the bottom panel that makes the box. There are 3 different Horizontal Inside panels. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. HI-44-20-1S 3 Drawer Dresser 5 Drawer Dresser Armoire Kitchen Cart C HI-28-20-1S  Kitchen Cart B HI-20-20-1S Night stand Tall End Table Kitchen Cart A
Sing VR Panels There are 3 different Vertical Right panels that we offer at this time. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. VR-79-20-1S Armoire VR-47-20-1S48 Five Drawer Dresser VR-31-20-1S Three Drawer Dresser Kitchen Cart A,B,C VR-19×20-1S (Not pictured) Night stand
Sing VL Panels These panels make up the left side of the different furniture pieces. There are 4 different Vertical Left panels. Only three are shows in this picture. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. VL-79-20-1S Armoire VL-47-20-1S Five Drawer Dresser VL-31-20-1S Three Drawer Dresser Kitchen Cart A,B,C VL-19-20-1S Night stand
Sing S Panels There are 3 different Shelving panels. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. S-44-20-1S Ampere Kitchen Cart C S-28-20-1S Kitchen Cart B S-20-20-1S Night stand Kitchen Cart A
Sing Six Inch Drawers There are 3 different drawers of this size to choose from. D-20-17-6 Night stand Kitchen Cart A D-28-20-6 Kitchen Cart B D43-17-6 $ Armoire Kitchen Cart C Five Drawer Dresser
Sing Nine Inch Drawers There are 3 different drawers of this size to choose from. D-20-17-9 Night stand Kitchen Cart A D-28-20-9 Kitchen Cart B D43-17-9 Armoire Kitchen Cart C Three Drawer Dresser Five Drawer Dresser

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