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About the Sing Furniture Line

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

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Chic, Strong, Lightweight, Long-Lasting, and Versatile: The Sing Furniture line is chic, strong, lightweight, long lasting, and versatile. Our furniture is made of our patented Sing panels which utilize torsion box technology to ensure strength. Each Sing furniture piece is strong enough to support up to 600 lbs. Sing furniture is also completely DIY. Our products are easy to put together and take down.

New, Revolutionary Furniture Built to Last Forever: Sing furniture is the new method to build high quality furniture that can be easily knocked-down and flat-packed for easy storage, transport and/or moving. The best apartments and condos provide modular Sing Furniture for pre-furnished units for rent and/or lease. While other flat-pack furniture is available it quickly deteriorates with use and needs to be replace, while Sing furniture is built to last forever, and easily broken down and flat packed for easy storage and/or transport in between uses.

torsion box, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel, lightweight panel
furniutre -kitchen large patented Sing panel kitchen cabinet door

Environmentally Friendly and Made in the USA: Sing furniture panels are environmentally friendly. The only materials used to construct our panels are wood veneer combined with recycled EPS foam and non-toxic glues. All of our products are manufactured right here in the USA.

Sing Furniture

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Examples of designs utilizing patented Sing panels to create stunning and efficient Captains Beds that are lightweight and attractive. What furniture can you make with Sing Core? Check out Lightweight University and we will teach you how to incormporate this new, eco-friendly base material into your unique designs.

Look! This drawer is easily holding up to 600 pounds!Incredibly strong with no flexing & true straight

The strongest super large lightweight drawer made in USA. 44 inch x 9.5 inch x 20 in width. Total weight 15 lbs

Add the elegance of solid wood butcher block to any project lightweight high strength
Sing Butcher Block

Available in Sing Butcher Block

Sing furniture components are available in nearly any flat surface material to meet or exceed your architectural specifications including our patented non-warping wood butcher block that could be used for almost anything. See: Butcher Block for ideas.

Check it out: No one else can make a drawer that is perfect and will not mis-shape due to stress or oversize. Think about the possibilities… Oversize drawers jum the tracks and your furniture loses integrity. We supply custom cabinetmakers, furniture designers, factories (and you) with the biggest drawers that make all the difference. Guaranteee to move smoothly. You could spend a lot of money for engineers to provide you with solutions… but we offer our unique problem-solving solutions at no extra charge. The secret is in out patented sing core design… we are aleays eager to share our secret with you.

How to Buy

Ordering Sing Furniture is easy! To order Sing Furniture submit an Order Form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day.

Above: A beautiful captan’s bed made from SingCore Furniture Panels

Strong drawers complete the funtional beauty of the captain’s bed.

A modular bookshelf constructed from SingCore Furniture Panels.

Furniture Video

How to build with sing honeycomb panels

1.) First we start out with four different sing panels.One left side vertical panel, one right side vertical panel, one horizontal top panel and one horizontal inside panel. These panels are going to create the box that holds everything together. This box is superstrong and at the same time very lightweight. You can design all different kinds furniture using the different panels sizes that we have available. To see the different sizes and types of panels below is a list of the panels and models numbers. We guarantee our panels are straight, light, strong and Eco friendly. Second to none!
2.) After putting the panels together this is what you get.The panels are screwed together with pocket holes that line up so it’s easy to put together and easy to take apart. Once the box is together, there are only a few more steps and then its ready for drawers. Sing panels are 1 1/2″ thick. The reason we made them so, is even though they are double the thickness of normal furniture materials they are four times as strong and weigh less that standard materials. Our core is 90% air which is environmental friendly and also keeps the panels flat and true for a lifetime. The way that our panels are built reduces their reaction to temperature and humidity.
3.) Next you attach the drawer rails and the back. Line up the drawer rails with the pre drilled holes and attach them with the screws provided. Attach the back with nails and a hammer. If assembled correctly our drawers will slide beautifully in and out and are easy to take in and out.
4.) Now Its time to put the drawers in and start enjoying your Dresser.
Sing Horizontal Top Panels   These panels are used for the top surface of the furniture. There are 3 different top panels that we offer. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. HT-47-20-3S 3 Drawer Dresser 5 Drawer Dresser Armoire Kitchen Cart C HT-31-20-3S $39 Kitchen Cart B HT-23-20-3S $28 Night stand Tall End Table Kitchen Cart A  
Sing Horizontal Inside Panels The horizontal inside panel is the bottom panel that makes the box. There are 3 different Horizontal Inside panels. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. HI-44-20-1S 3 Drawer Dresser 5 Drawer Dresser Armoire Kitchen Cart C HI-28-20-1S  Kitchen Cart B HI-20-20-1S Night stand Tall End Table Kitchen Cart A
Sing VR Panels There are 3 different Vertical Right panels that we offer at this time. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. VR-79-20-1S Armoire VR-47-20-1S48 Five Drawer Dresser VR-31-20-1S Three Drawer Dresser Kitchen Cart A,B,C VR-19×20-1S (Not pictured) Night stand
Sing VL Panels These panels make up the left side of the different furniture pieces. There are 4 different Vertical Left panels. Only three are shows in this picture. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. VL-79-20-1S Armoire VL-47-20-1S Five Drawer Dresser VL-31-20-1S Three Drawer Dresser Kitchen Cart A,B,C VL-19-20-1S Night stand
Sing S Panels There are 3 different Shelving panels. They are currently used in our furniture that we sell complete. S-44-20-1S Ampere Kitchen Cart C S-28-20-1S Kitchen Cart B S-20-20-1S Night stand Kitchen Cart A
Sing Six Inch Drawers There are 3 different drawers of this size to choose from. D-20-17-6 Night stand Kitchen Cart A D-28-20-6 Kitchen Cart B D43-17-6 Armoire Kitchen Cart C Five Drawer Dresser
Sing Nine Inch Drawers There are 3 different drawers of this size to choose from. D-20-17-9 Night stand Kitchen Cart A D-28-20-9 Kitchen Cart B D43-17-9 Armoire Kitchen Cart C Three Drawer Dresser Five Drawer Dresser
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